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And so the final battle is behind our party backs and they got victorius, though almost lost a rogue.

The 3d conversion of Dungeon Tiles went smothly, though I had to change the technics on the fly 'cause cutting them with the knife was rather hard and slow really.

It ended up something like this


It appeared sturdy enough, sometimes people kicked the table or were not careful with the minis and dice, but nothing fell apart, so I should say I'm pretty satisfied.

For now we have a break in Hunt for the Queen campaign. About a month during which we gonna play an interlude to show things going in the world during those three months which passed since the end of Heroic Tier play. Besides I plan to play a session or two using Universalis rules to flesh out the setting and give them a taste of intrigues and political strife that awaits them on Paragon Tier.

That means I won't have a chance to try my terrain with them, but this week Lords of Chaos players are in for a surprise.

Another surprise for them is that an NPC hafling whom there are going to save turns PC this week with a player whom I'm gonna add to real game using the Internet. Though this last one needs some more preps, 'cause I have never done it before.

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  1. Just so you know, those 3 d tiles look freaking awesome! I love them! Thanks for taking such great pictures.

  2. Thank you, I tried. :)
    Maybe I'll manage to have some pic from the next session.