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Had some time away from it. Now getting back to blogging.
New and improved slotted encumbrance rules are on the way.


4E slotted encumbrance rules

So this post and subsequentely this one got, me thinking about encumbrance rules in D&D. I shall not repeat things that were said already - just show my take on this problem.
  • Character has a number of slots equal to his Str score. That's his "backpack".
  • Items worn or wielded are not counted here. These are:
  1. primary wepon/implement
  2. shield or secondary weapon/implement
  3. headgear
  4. neck slot item
  5. armor/clothes
  6. arm slot item
  7. hand slot item
  8. waist slot item
  9. footwear
  10. two rings
  • Most of the items take 1 slot. Two-handed weapons - 2 slot. Light armour save for the cloth - 2. Heavy armor save for the plate – 3. Plate armor– 4. Big and unwieldy items like chests, barrels, fallen comrades – 6 slots.
  • Small items like daggers, torches, lockpicks, potions, scrolls take one slot anyway, but can be stacked up to DMs allowance. One slot holds up to 500 coins/gems of any value.  One slot holds reagents/residiuum of up to 500 000 gp value.
  • PC who has more than half of his backpack slots filled is dazed. This way he can move normally out of battle, but in combat situation has to decide if he drops his pack and fights normally or restricts his battle options.
  • PC who has all his backpack slots filled is dazed AND slowed.
  • There are special slots that don't count for encumbrance:
    • Belt - 5 slots. Only stackable items could be held here and only one in each slot. Items is retrieved/stowed with a minor actions (like weapon) from here, instead of standart (like from the backpack, similar to sheld).
    • Belt pouch - holds up to 50 coins/gems or up to 50 000 reagents/residiuum.
Well. That's how I see it. Comments are welcome.


Such a wonder :)

Getting ready for paragon-level battles

Here is the lesser vrocks to attack the party on their flying ship next Sunday.
And this one is for my take on Barrier Peaks. 
Still not sure it's a good idea to mix Sci-Fi into my Fantasy, but we'll see...


Pitched battle and PC interrogation

Prepearing to run a pitched (almost unfair) battle for my campaign interlude.
If the are defeated (very probable) I'll have a chance to try out Wrecan's excellent Social Challenge Rules.
Will come back with the results.

UPDATE: They've won. No SC this time. They lost their ardent and almost lost the fighter, all were bloodied, but they managed to win. Good game. :)
Unfortunately no pictures. Have to get used to taking them.

Some D&D magic and more 3d tiles


They say you should blog every day, so ... :)

Spent a lot of time updating my campagns info today. Had almost no time for this blog. Sorry.