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So now the heroic tier of my Hunt for the Queen Campaign is coming to an end - next Sunday they are going to fight their long time nemesis Gradius. A cultist of Orcus with a dream. The dream of the just and wonderful world where all the hard work would be done by undead minions and living beings will bask in eternal peace and happiness.

He offered the party to join his dream team thrice already and having been rejected considers them a major nuisance now. A nuisance to be dealt with.

Having failed in doing so through his minions, he meets them himself in the temple of Orcus floating in the Elemental Chaos.

Last time we leveled up to 10th level, all the 1-9 lvl treasure received, the party is standing before their long time enemy. The first words they'll hear next Sunday would be "Roll for initiative".

Now I wanted this battle to be something really hard and memorable. So I decided to do it in 3d environment.

Due to lack of money and time I wasn't able to prepare WWG TerrainlinX terrain and have to do something with my usual Dungeon Tiles.

By far I've done this kind of setup in 3d Max


Now I need to find a way to do it for real. Newbie DM in his blog gave me some inspirations, though I think I need to invent something else - not sure I can find those wooden thingies here.

But well - I'll think of something. Now back to work. See you soon, ppl.

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